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HDMI to DVI Adapter - BeoVision 7 and more

Perfect for B&O BeoVision 7, BeoSystem 3 and more. Convert a HDMI cable to allow it to be used with equipment that has DVI-D sockets, eg. some Bang & Olufsen BeoVision 7 TV's and BeoSystem 3 processors, plus a wide range of other products including LCD computer screens.

Beolab 4/ 4PC Input cable - Minijack connection

Connect a pair of Beolab 4 speakers to almost any audio device with this cable! Eg. Mac/PC computer, iPod/iPad/iPhone, MP3 player, laptop, non-B&O TV or any other device with a 3.5mm headphone socket directly to your Beolab 4 or Beolab 4PC (ICEPower) active loudspeakers.

Minijack to PlayMaker RCA Line In

Now you can connect external audio devices directly to your Bang & Olufsen PlayMaker wireless music streamer, allowing it to play music directly from TVs, iPod/iPad/iPhone, Mac/PC. This cable has a stereo minijack (3.5mm headphone) plug which will fit the headphone sockets of most audio devices.

Minijack (iPod, PC, etc) to Beolink Active PC socket

Connect a non-B&O TV, iPod, Mac/PC computer, Airport Express or other audio source into your Beolink Active using the "PC" socket. THIS CABLE ONLY WORKS WITH BEOLINK ACTIVE, NOT WITH ANY OTHER B&O PRODUCTS!  IT IS AVAILABLE TO SPECIAL ORDER - PLEASE CONTACT US IF YOU WISH TO PLACE AN ORDER