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Minijack (iPod, PC, etc) to Beolink Active PC socket
  • Minijack (iPod, PC, etc) to Beolink Active PC socket

Minijack (iPod, PC, etc) to Beolab 11 subwoofer


Connect a non-B&O TV, iPod, Mac/PC computer, Airport Express or other audio source into your Beolab 11 subwoofer (not for Beolab 2).

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Minijack to Beolab 11 cable

Not for Beolab 2 - please see our powered trigger cables instead

Connect a non-B&O TV, iPod, Mac/PC computer, Airport Express or other audio source into your Bang and Olufsen Beolab 11.

This cable is NOT suitable for other B&O applications - only for Beolab 11 subwoofers - if you are in any doubt, please ask!

Simply connect the cable to the Input socket on the subwoofer and set the subwoofer to Line mode using the small switch nearby and listen to music from the source connected to this cable.

Cable specifications:

  • Twin Screened Pure-Crystal Oxygen-Free Copper cable with Sounds Heavenly signature Blue sheath
  • Signal conductors (x 2): 7 x 0.2mm PC-OFC copper
  • Screening conductors (x 2): 16 x 0.12mm PC-OFC copper
  • Neutrik/Rean nickel-plated brass 7-pin DIN plug with gold plated pins
  • Minijack plug, Gold-Plated pins, metal-bodied

Did you know?
You can connect other devices such as AV receivers, stereo hifis and more using our "Twin Phono to Beolab 11" cable.

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