BeoLab - "active" powered loudspeakers

BeoLab - "active" powered loudspeakers

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Bespoke High-End single Phono to Phono (wired for single channel audio only - ultra high performance)

Connect an AV processor or Pre-amp directly to your B&O BeoLab active speakers using our highest performing range of cables. Allows you to connect from an AV processor or pre-amplifier (with variable volume pre-out sockets) directly to your BeoLab speakers.

Minijack to Beolab 2, 7, 10, 2500 - Powered Trigger Kit

Use a B&O centre speaker or subwoofer with your non-B&O TV!  Want to use a B&O Beolab 7 centre speaker with your non-B&O TV? Or plug your iPhone, iPod or laptop directly into a Beolab 2 subwoofer? Many B&O stores will tell you that you cannot do this - but our Powered Trigger Kit makes both...