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Power Amplifier to Beolab Line In (Attenuated Convertor kit)
  • Power Amplifier to Beolab Line In (Attenuated Convertor kit)

Power Amplifier to Beolab Line In (Attenuated Convertor kit)


Now you can use your BeoLab speakers with Non B&O Hifi equipment! 

This handy attenuated converter kit will allow BeoLab speakers to be plugged into any amplifier/receiver! Adjustable to give the required level of attenuation with no loss of sound quality.

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Attenuated Converter Kit for Bang and Olufsen Beolab speakers

Now you can use almost any combination of Beolab speakers with Non B&O Hifi equipment! 

This handy attenuated converter kit will allow B&O Beolab active speakers to be plugged into the speaker outputs of any power amplifier, receiver or surround sound amp (provided channel power output is below 150 Watts). This converter is adjustable to give the required level of attenuation so that you can convert an amplified speaker output of up to 150 Watts per channel into a Beolab Powerlink or Line level input, with no loss of sound quality.

If you ever thought that you couldn't use B&O's active Beolab loudspeakers with your old B&O audio system or your non-B&O amplifier, then this is the answer to your problems! 

What is it? This compact attenuated converter box is fitted with a short set of fly-leads which connect to the speaker terminals on your amplifier. The electronic circuit will reduce amplifier volume levels by up to 100x - this allows you to connect a pair of Beolab active (powered) loudspeakers directly into your non B&O hifi system, or even a pre-1990 Bang and Olufsen Beomaster or Beocenter.

The input connections to the amplifier are bare wires (for screw-down or spring-clip amplifier terminals) or if you wish, you can purchase 2-pin male DIN plugs separately in our store for use with older B&O amplifiers - plus other input connections are available on request. The converter has two RCA (Phono or Cinch) output sockets, to allow our RCA Line Input Cables for Beolab Speakers to be used to connect a stereo pair of Beolab speakers. Sounds Heavenly recommend using our RCA Line Input Cables for Beolab Speakers.

Dimensions of the converter are approx. 90 x 70 x 30mm and the fitted cables are approx. 150mm long.  Please note that this device must be fitted directly to your amplifier or AV receiver, it is NOT suitable for connection at the end of normal 2-wire speaker cables.

Compatibility - This converter is suitable for most of the current range of Bang and Olufsen Beolab active loudspeakers and most past models, including:

  • Beolab 1
  • Beolab 3
  • Beolab 4 / 4PC (see RCA to Beolab 4 cable)
  • Beolab 5
  • Beolab 9
  • Beolab 11 Subwoofer
  • Beolab 3000*
  • Beolab 4000 (mk.1 and mk.2)
  • Beolab 4500*
  • Beolab 5000*
  • Beolab 6000
  • Beolab 6002
  • Beolab 8000
  • Beolab 8002
  • Beolab Penta* (mk.1, mk.2 and mk.3)

*Older Beolab speakers that have displays (such as Beolab 3000, 4500, 5000 and Penta) will work but the displays will not function.

This converter can also be combined with our "Powered Trigger Cables" to connect to Beolab speakers with special input connections:
  • Beolab 2 subwoofer
  • 2500
  • 7-1 / 7-2 / 7-4 / 7-6
  • 10

Please contact us for advice before purchasing this solution. Connect any Beolab speakers with Powerlink inputs (including Beolab 2, Beolab 7-x, Beolab 10 and Beolab 2500 with the addition of an extra powered trigger cable).

IMPORTANT NOTE: NEVER connect your Beolab speakers directly to the output terminals of an amplifier without using this attenuated convertor, as it can instantly cause serious and expensive damage to your speakers!

Did you know?
Sounds Heavenly originally developed the idea using a 1979 Beomaster 1900 and a pair of Beolab 6000 speakers. Virtually any B&O amp from the 1965 Beomaster 900K to the 1994 Beomaster 7000 can be used to drive anything from Beolab Pentas to even Beolab 5 via the line input sockets! You simply need to add the appropriate pair of our "RCA Line Input Cables for Beolab Speakers" to connect your speakers to the attenuated converter box.

When combined with Sounds Heavenly's existing Powerlink to amplifier cables, this new development means that you no longer have to choose the "correct" active or passive speakers for your system. Selection of audio sources and speakers can now be made entirely on the grounds of sound quality or aesthetics, with almost any imaginable combination now being possible. Those who are familiar with B&O products will know that this is truly a revolutionary solution with immense potential!
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