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Beolab 5 S/PDIF Digital Cable, OFC with gold contacts
  • Beolab 5 S/PDIF Digital Cable, OFC with gold contacts

Beolab 5, 50 and 90 S/PDIF Digital Cable, OFC with gold contacts


RCA (Coaxial) Digital audio cable for BeoLab 5, Beolab 50, Beolab 90, BeoVision, other digital audio systems, TVs and more.

Unlock the potential of your BeoLab 5, 50 or 90 speakers with Digital audio interconnects!

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S/PDIF Digital audio cable - RCA (Coaxial)

Digital audio cable for Beolab 5, Beolab 50, Beolab 90, BeoVision, and other Digital audio systems, TVs and more

This product is a Digital S/PDIF Coaxial (RCA) interconnect cable. Supplied as a single cable (for Beolab 5 speakers you will need two of these cables - please read notes below).

These cables are impedance-matched at 75 Ohms and they are pre-made in lengths up to 10 metres.

Suitable for:

  • Bang and Olufsen BeoLab 5 speakers* (see notes below)
  • Beolab 50 speakers (connection to Master speaker only)
  • Beolab 90 speakers (connection to Master speaker only)
  • BeoSound 9000 CD player
  • BeoVision - various models (please check for compatibility)
  • Beomaster 5/ Beosound 5
  • Beocenter 2
  • other non B&O home AV systems with a Digital SPDIF coax connection.
  • TV with coax S/PDIF audio input/output (Samsung, LG, Sony Bravia etc - please check for compatibility)
  • DACs, CD/DVD players, and more
* Beolab 5 connection notes:

One cable will allow one Beolab 5 speaker to be connected - two cables will be required for a stereo pair of speakers.

To connect two Beolab 5 speakers, simply connect the audio system to the "Digital Input" of the nearest speaker. Then connect the "Digital Output" of that speaker to the "Digital Input" of the next speaker using the second Digital cable. Remember to set each speaker to either "Left" or "Right" channel!

Important! There are two connection options for control and balance of the Beolab 5 volume levels:

  • Powerlink mk 2 cables for control/sync only (audio signals will automatically send via the SPDIF digital cables for best quality)
  • Alternatively use our "sync" cable between the loudspeakers to ensure they play at the same level. If you are using a non-B&O audio system with a digital output, you must choose this option. A Beo 4 or Beo 5 remote control is also needed. As always, if you are in any doubt, please ask for advice!

Other non-B&O audio systems, surround processors, and TVs:
Your audio system must have an unbalanced S/PDIF digital coax input / output. Other audio sources with a digital connection meeting standard IEC 60958 at 32/44.1/48/88.2kHz with an RCA (phono) / coax output will also be suitable for use with this cable.

Cable specifications:

  • Screened Oxygen-Free Copper Digital cable with dark blue sheath
  • RG-59/U 75 Ohm co-axial cable
  • Digital Gold-Plated metal-bodied RCA (phono) plugs

This cable is ideal for S/PDIF digital audio transmission and will allow the flagship Beolab 5 digital speakers to show their true awesome potential, without being restricted by the limitations of standard analogue sources.

(A) rca/rca

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