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Brush Wall Plate

This product is a high quality brush cable entry/exit fitting mounted in either a standard white plastic or brushed steel UK electrical wall plate to allow you to connect all of your audio and video cables to your hifi system or television where the cables are fitted into your walls, floor or...

Minijack to 5 pin DIN (Naim, Quad, Meridian, etc)

One of our most popular solutions - connect almost any audio device to your system via the 5 pin DIN input socket. Among the first Sounds Heavenly products to launch - and still today one of our most popular! Connect an audio device (such as a TV, iPod/iPad/iPhone, Mac/PC computer, MP3 player...

5 pin DIN interconnect (Naim, Quad, Meridian, etc)

This popular cable is primarily purchased to connect a Quad Tuner (FM3) into a Quad pre-amp (33 or 44), but it has many possible applications, such as: Tuner or CD/DVD player (or any other similar line-level source) where the source device has a 180 degree 5pin DIN output socket. Turntable...